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Cen-Med Enterprises / PMD Product Catalog & Specialized Product Brochure [cl_column width="2/3" background_image="{}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] Product Catalog Cover and Intro Redesign A redesign of the cover, back cover, and first couple of inside pages for the Cen-Med Enterprises Product Catalog. Category Collateral/Booklet Date 2017 [cl_column width="2/3" background_image="{}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] Laryngoscope Brochure Branded for PMD, this brochure featured the PMD line of Laryngoscopes, allowing for very prominent photos and design elements. The final brochure consisted of 15 pages and displayed 44 product listings.At the request of the client, only a preview of the brochure has been displayed.  Category Collateral/Booklet Date 2015 [cl_column width="2/3" background_image="{}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] Product Catalog Branded for Cen-Med Enterprises, this catalog required intense organization and layout proficiency. Products and images were gathered from [...]
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Alere Marketing Intern & Associate I worked at Alere North America, LLC (housed under Alere, Inc) from June 2013 – March 2017. I started as a Marketing Intern with primarily design oriented tasks, and eventually took on the position of Marketing Associate as my duties grew to include that of marketing communications and media planning. To learn more about my experience at Alere, please visit my LinkedIn. Displayed below are selected pieces that I created while at Alere. PLEASE NOTE: Pieces shown on this page are for display purposes only, and may contain product or company information that is no longer current. Please refer to Alere.com for current product and company information. Any photos displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Any person depicted in such [...]
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