Services Offered

  • Corporate Identity

The most fundamental and important part of any company or organization is their brand. What does your brand say about you? Your brand should effectively and consistently communicate the unique value that you provide to consumers. Brand strategy includes a well-researched and developed logo, a set of guidelines, and consistent implementation of these guidelines across all marketing materials.

Corporate Identity Services
  • Logo design
  • Logo vectorization
  • Brand identity and strategy
  • Naming / tagline development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Print, Digital, & Interactive Design

You need marketing materials that look great AND produce results. From concept to creation, I'm here to help. Whether print, digital, interactive, or all three - I can create eye catching and sales driving pieces that ensure your brand identity is clear and upheld across all materials generated.  With more and more consumers seeking product information in digital form, we can also work together to effectively integrate digital into your marketing efforts. Don't sell yourself short - it's worth investing in marketing materials that drive home the value of your brand.

Print, Digital, & Interactive Design Services
  • Brochures
  • Sell sheets
  • Advertisements
  • Training materials
  • Reference sheets
  • Informational booklets
  • Product catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Tradeshow/exhibit design
  • Signs/banners
  • Posters/flyers
  • Product packaging
  • Invitations/mailers
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Menu design
  • Copywriting
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Video editing
  • Mobile app design & development
  • Web Design & Online Marketing

All aboard the digital revolution!  You won't want to be left behind on this one.  Not only is your website likely to be the first impression your customers have of your brand, but digital methods of receiving product information are becoming increasingly popular and expected by consumers.  If you are a fan of print, don't fear - I am a firm believer that certain print materials still have their place in marketing. It is vital however that you diversify your marketing portfolio and get a firm footing in the digital and online world.  Let's work together to create a digital experience for your customers that properly nurtures them through the customer life cycle.  

Web Design & Online Marketing Services
  • Front-end web design & development
  • Web maintenance & renovation
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media design and strategy
  • Inbound marketing and content creation
  • Mobile app development
  • Digital advertising
  • Graphic Design & Illustration

Bringing it back to the fundamentals - If all you need are specific design elements or illustrations, where the rest of the piece being worked on is already covered, I am happy to help.  Projects of all shapes and sizes are welcome.  


Examples of Graphic Design & Illustration Services
  • Graphic elements to be used on a website
  • Book cover design
  • Book illustration
  • Font design
  • Icons for mobile apps
  • Infographic elements for a sales piece

These are just a couple examples of what you may be looking for.  If you are not sure if your design needs are something that I offer, just drop me a line. More often than not, I will be able to lend a hand. 

  • Corporate Photography & Retouching

It's cliché but it's true - a picture says a thousand words.  I will work with you to take, create, or find the perfect photos to represent your brand and your products. 

Photography & Retouching Services
  • Product photography
  • Stock photo discovery
  • Photo retouching
  • Background removal or alteration
  • Photo combination
  • Project Management

In addition to the above services, I am also able to manage these projects for you.  If you know what the end result needs to be, I can take the lead from there.  We can discuss the level of involvement you want to have, and what variables/project requirements (e.g. timelines, vendors, budget) you have in mind.